By Leah Zerbe

Know how to handle hair loss

When a man begins to go bald, two things go down the drain—his hair and his confidence. Some 62 percent of balding guys in a Spanish study said losing their locks could deflate their self-esteem. This isn’t 21st-century superficiality: “Thick hair has always been associated with youth and masculinity,” says Albert Mannes, Ph.D., a University of Pennsylvania researcher who’s studied perceptions of balding. “Hair loss signals aging.”


Hair and Your Diet, Maintaining Healthy Hair

Author: Benjamin C. Stong, M.D.

A healthy diet helps maintain a healthy body: organs, blood, bones, skin, and even your hair! That last one might surprise you! After all, hair is essentially dead proteins, right? But in the follicle, your hair is actually very much alive and well – and each hair follicle needs the correct nutrition to be capable of growing luscious, healthy strands.

Hair products like conditioners and moisturizers may be able to keep your locks smooth and shiny, but remember that such outside treatments won’t make locks grow. Hair follicles need protein, iron, B, C, and E vitamins, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, among other things, to thrive. So, one of the smartest ways to nourish your hair (and your body, of course!), is to eat nutrient-rich foods.

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