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Dr. Hochman

dr marcelo hochmanI am proud to announce a new practice and service to our patients, The Hair Loss Treatment Center. 40 million men and 21 million women suffer from male/ female pattern baldness or thinning hair. Hair loss can be a very emotional part of the natural aging process, and seeking ways to curb this process used to be a challenge.

In the past, I have performed hair restoration using the “strip” method and hand transplantation which is expensive and very time consuming. However, keeping up with best practices, with the advent of Follicular Unit Extraction and implantation and the technology of NeoGraft™, I have switched my approach.

Using this advanced technology offers a discrete solution to hair loss, allowing patients to achieve natural looking results with no linear scar, minimal downtime and a shorter recovery period. In order to achieve a natural result in hair transplantation, the distribution of the transplanted hairs, a virtually undetectable hairline and the insertion angle of the transplants are paramount. Being a facial plastic surgeon with a sculptor’s eye for symmetry and proportion and a portrait painter’s sense of blending and shading has served me well, accomplishing excellent results with hair restoration patients. “Hair restoration is now unnoticeable, making it your secret to tell.”

Our Team


 Each one of our attentive staff members is trained to assist Dr. Hochman in caring for you and pride themselves on personalized service. They will be involved in your care, comfort and safety from beginning to end, from helping you coordinate your consultation with Dr. Hochman, answering your questions, providing assistance with accommodations if needed, and being by your side before, during and after any procedure. During your hair transplant our nurses and staff will be with you throughout the process. Our staff is excited about being a part of providing the best possible experience for you.

Next step for considering hair restoration surgery

reverse thinning hairIf you even casually consider improving your appearance with hair restoration, Dr. Hochman and his staff would like to answer your questions and help you realize your dreams.

We urge you to learn more about your surgeon, Dr. Hochman and the NeoGraft FUE hair restoration system. Then we invite you to schedule your confidential consultation.

Typically, you may want to know how long the procedure will take, where it will be performed, if and what kind of anesthesia will be used, when you will be able to resume your normal activities and the cost of surgery and financial arrangements. All of these concerns will be addressed during your consultation.

Following your meeting with Dr. Hochman, you will consult with one our Patient Coordinators to discuss the fees for the recommended procedure(s). Since this procedure is elective, it usually is not covered by health insurance. The costs depend on factors that are unique to your situation and can only be determined after your confidential consultation with Dr. Hochman.

See for yourself just how HAIR RESTORATION can boost your morale and improve your self-esteem!

No stitches, staples, scars or discomfort and FDA approved!